Looking into Mark Auges’ theory of Non-Places, he believes that there are some places that cannot be regarded as a ‘place’. He believes that these non-places (e.g. a train station, a hotel room or a petrol station) do not hold enough significance to be considered as places in themselves.

I wanted to try and test this theory; can you change people’s perceptions of these ‘non-places’ to make them into ‘places’?I designed two books to question this theory, one based on train stations and the other on petrol stations. Each book used black and white film of the place and two poems that evoke different feelings: simply, happy and sad.

The design of the books allows you to read them one way, with a poem giving you a happy or a sad feeling. When you flip the book upside down and read again the other way, you will read a completely different poem evoking a different reaction and feeling of the place.

If you read two poems that evoke different feelings about that non-place, then will this give it enough significance to then be regarded as a place?

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