This is a massive interest that has grown in recent months. With film photography so many of my senses are deployed, the touch of the film, the sound of the film being wound on and the unknown image until it is developed. Film photography is raw, it’s going back to the roots and your skill as a photographer get tested.

trees2.jpg sat-in-london2.jpg 120mm-old-peir2.jpg 120mm-old-and-new2.jpg 120mm-dan-and-his-bike2.jpg 120mm-colour-sea2.jpg 120mm-bnw-rocky-beach2.jpg 35mm-view-out-over-the-bay2.jpg 35mm-round-head-2.jpg 35mm-rocks-and-water3.jpg 35mm-old-peir2.jpg 35mm-dan-and-dad2.jpg 35mm-bnw-rocky-view2.jpg 35mm-bnw-get-off-my-land2.jpg