In my second year at university, I was asked to design an exhibition space, including branding and way-finding systems, for my chosen artist Richard Long. Rather than focus on Longs’ photography and sculptures, I was intrigued by his text work, more precisely his walks. I wanted to demonstrate Longs’ sheer determination to walk those distances.

The name of the exhibition is called ‘Don’t Stand Still’, and the identity will be made out of different elements of what Long has passed on his walks.

How the exhibition will work is that you will see the title of one of his walks, and then have to walk a ratio of 1mile=1meter of that walk.

Grass-on-floor-web1.jpg first-image-final-web-copy.jpg DONT-STAND-STILL-STONE-WALL-TEXT-ADDED-web2.jpg 2nd-image-final-web2.jpg